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Welcome to is an online obituary notification service which notifies you upon the passing of a colleague, friend or loved one. In today's society we have notitifcations for everything we do - the weather, the news, your favourite sports, and yet somehow we have overlooked obituaries. If you've moved from city to city throughout your life, how do you know that all the people you met are still in good health? If you work in an industry where you have a large client base and you need to maintain those relationships, how do you make sure you can pay your condolences if someone was to pass away? is your solution, offering a free service to notify you when someone you know passes away, whether that be a childhood friend, loved one, colleague or even a client. also offers funeral home services, which allow funeral homes to create a profile and send out obituary notifications on behalf of their clients, solving the problem of the declining newspaper market. The notification will reach those who have created a free account and have expressed interest in that individual by "following" them via their email address.
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Checking the obituaries too often? Stressed about missing an obituary? Here is your peace of mind! eliminates these concerns by notifying you in the unfortunate event that a friend, colleague, loved one or even a client passes away.
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Newspaper circulation continues to decline and thus, traditional methods of obituaries are no longer meeting our needs. Checking the obituaries of each newspaper where we have friends, family or clients is just not practical. But, we do still need to be informed when someone passes away.

Join the Next Generation Obituary Notification Service. Send an obituary notification directly to the people who need this information, and allow your clients to focus on the important situation at hand.